Updated 15 June 2011

EECI, the European Embedded Control Institute is an Association Law 1901.

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EECI has been created on 16 May 2006 in the framework of the HYCON Network of Excellence (FP6-IST-511368). The establishment of the EECI is expected:

  • to become a long-term world-wide renowned focal point by stimulating new collaborative (multi-national and multi-disciplinary) research on networked and embedded control,
  • to break down the barriers between the traditional disciplines,
  • to be a motor for the dissemination of methods and tools,
  • to promote the education of students and researchers
  • to encourage the transfer of methodologies to industry,
  • to seek financial support from both industry (through industrial projects and teaching) and European and national research foundations.
Rooms for a total of 300 m2 will be dedicated to EECI in the new common building Centrale-Supelec

07/10/2008: HYCON Final Review and EECI perspectives

25/03/2008: EECI business plan

17/07/2007: RTRA Digiteo Steering Committee meeting

21/11/2006: Conseil Scientifique de Supelec